Basic Service

What would you get?

What can you expect from us? How do we work? And what would you get, if you subscribe to our services?

Here’s how our BASIC service works.

Step #1: Remote Tech Sales Team

We’ll assign you an Account Manager (AM) and a Research Unit (RU). Your AM will be your company’s sales representative and he will:


  • Provide you with weekly updates.
  • Conduct monthly meetings with you.
  • Consult you on various strategies regarding outbound sales development, specifically designed for tech companies.

Step #2: Go-To-Market Research

Your AM will do a go-to-market research, which will clarify and define the potential of your niche market. That includes creating:



  • SWOT Analysis — your competitive advantage will shine through and you will know what key features and benefits to focus on when selling.
  • ICP (Ideal Client Profile) — you will understand which markets and companies are your perfect target.
  • Competitors Analysis — you will know who your basic competitors are.
  • Unique Value Proposition — you will discover what makes you stand out in a sea of tech companies.

Step #3: Outbound Sales Development Strategy

In this stage, you will receive an actionable plan with a clear end goal. Our tools and methodologies aim at establishing as many appointments with decision-makers from companies which fit your ICP as possible.


The plan will include:



  • Goals and KPIs — clear metrics that will measure the progress of your tech sales goals.
  • Contacts List — companies which fit your ICP and important decision-makers (Note: We are GDPR compliant!).
  • Sales cadence — industry-based and company-based, personalized messages, along with best channels to reach targeted contacts.

Step #4: Execution

Your AM will start an outbound sales campaign, which will last for a month. It will include:



  • Outreach — he will interact with targeted decision-makers and companies through various channels (e-mail, phone, social media, etc.).
  • Setting Up Appointments — he will arrange meetings between you and decision-makers who are interested in your value proposition.


IMPORTANT: When this stage is successfully completed and the appointments are arranged, we will hand them over to you. If you’re interested to know how you can optimize this process, check out our ADVANCED Services!

Step #5: Feedback

Your AM will analyze the results of each of the sales campaigns. During your monthly meetings, you will discuss key insights and specific feedback.


You can expect to have:



  • Result Analysis — an in-dept dive into key areas that will boost the performance and effectiveness of the upcoming sales campaign.
  • Monthly reports — performance presentation of the sales campaign, including insights and actionable market feedback.

Step #6: New Campaign

Your AM will revise the sales development strategy, and will start the process again. This stage includes:



  • Strategy Revision — the strategy may change in order to optimize the performance and the results.
  • New Outbound Sales Campaign — preparation of a new campaign and going back to Step #4: Execution.



*Note that we’ll offer you customized solutions for your business depending on your specific goals and needs.

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