A case study for EngView Systems

4 deals and 34 more active opportunities were made for EngView while entering new markets for a niche product

  • EngView has been working with Out2Bound for the last 10+ months. During this period we have worked with their teams in North America, Germany, and most recently – with their team for South America, located in Brazil. Whilst this project is still ongoing, the company first used Out2Bound’s services back in 2019 until March 2020 (we all know what happened then). We renewed our engagement in September 2021.  
  • For the last 10 months, Out2Bound helped them close 4 deals and open additional 34 opportunities. To achieve this we reached out to 2K+ decision-makers out of 1000+ accounts that resulted not only in business opportunities and contracts but also:
    – the creation of a database with the right companies and the decision makers that best fit their buying persona;
    – proper market feedback – is something they have pointed out as critical for their positioning in the market.
  • Before working with Out2Bound, to acquire leads Engview used content creation and distribution organically and through Google ads, trade events, and the QVI/OGP distributor network. They couldn’t fully control the quantity and quality of the leads and one of the reasons for working with Out2Bound was to focus and drive results on the American and Canadian markets.


The background of the client

EngView was established in 1999 with the aim of deploying innovative technologies to solve practical engineering problems. After a brisk start, it took the company only a couple of years to rise to a leading global position as a provider of packaging and POP/POS display software. Simultaneously, the company has started expanding its expertise in developing solutions for the measurement of profile geometry and inventory search for aluminum extruders.

Their purpose is to bring innovation into the packaging and aluminum industries. EngView develops software that saves time, facilitates the work of engineers, and creates new business opportunities for its customers. 

The company is part of the Sirma Group – one of the biggest Bulgarian IT groups, founded in 1992, with 25+ years of successful development, numerous business accomplishments, and multiple professional awards.


The Challenge

EngView produces extremely niche solutions for narrow target markets. At the start of our collaboration, they had clients in Europe, and have recently decided to invest in the North and South America market development and had a team of one person at the moment. One of their reasons to start working with Out2Bound was to grow their American and Canadian customer base – something we managed to deliver and still continue to do so.

The hardest part of breaking into these niche markets was locating their customers. Decision makers from their target market don’t use their corporate emails and are not active on LinkedIn. Getting in touch and initiating a conversation was a challenge and we needed to approach this differently than we usually do. To solve this, we added general corporate emails to reach out and put additional stress on cold calling on top of using prospects’ corporate emails and LinkedIn, whenever available. 

EngView also intends to penetrate the markets in China and India in the next two years – something we already have started working on together.


The Targets

As mentioned earlier, EngView has a specific product portfolio, serving a niche market with limited customers. Out2Bound was working with three of their products, one at a time:

  • EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is a CAD/CAM solution for structural design and 3D modeling of packaging and POP/POS displays from cartons, corrugated boards, and other sheet materials.
  • Dieboard Calculator is a cloud-based service with a set of specific tools for basic die board definition and cost estimation.
  • Scan Fit & Measure is a measurement system for automatic inspection of profile geometry that speeds up the quality control process in aluminum and plastic extrusion plants.

Before starting work with Out2Bound, to attract new clients EngView was using content creation and distribution through Google ads, organic traffic, trade shows, and а network of distributors.

To start using outbound sales they realized they would need to have a sizable sales team at all levels. Usually, to build such internal teams a company would need a longer period of time to learn and adjust than a specialized sales outsourcing agency.

Through our work with EngView, we used the following criteria to target the market:

  • Industries: automotive, manufacturing, construction; Type of company: profile extrusion company, could be aluminum, PVC, rubber, or silicone.
  • Locations: Europe, North, and Latin America, Canada
  • Large organizations that were Engview users in a specific region could grow the accounts and get other offices to use their solutions

The identified channels we are using are LinkedIn, cold calling, and individual and general corporate emails.


The Results

We start with a minimum collaboration period of 4 or 6 months, so we can do several iterations (A/B testing) to determine what works best for our clients. We typically deliver the best results in the third and fourth months, and then we assess whether we should continue the project and whether we need to scale the team. The same approach was used in our work with EngView – we started with 4 months and together we confirmed the expected results and that there was a promise for more business opportunities to be generated.

For this period, we have achieved the following results:

  • Closed deals – 4 closed deals
  • Several deals in the opportunity and proposal stage
  • Realized meetings – 38
  • Targeted prospects – 2K+
  • Months of working together – 10
  • Industries – 6
  • Countries – 38
  • Market feedback: valuable feedback we have driven from potential customers, getting to understand what Engview needs to do in order to improve their product to best satisfy client needs

closed deals Out2Bound

results with Out2Bound

The outcome

What are the key points that Engview shared that they appreciate:

  • Increased return on investment 
  • The market feedback we gather, including suggestions for improvement of some of their products
  • Our well-documented and strictly followed process
  • The efficiency of our team
  • The structure of our reporting
  • How fast we respond to potential customers and the lack of delay in answering the prospect that is either interested or not interested
  • The way we communicate and track the progress with every prospect. They appreciate highly that no prospects have expressed dissatisfaction with our approach and the level of professionalism we show
  • That we manage to communicate with the client while in the same culture and communication style as theirs
  • That even though not all prospects are interested, many businesses become aware of EngView and its value offering

Client Testimonial

How did you find out about us and why did you choose Out2Bound as a sales agency?

‘’It was 3 or 4 years ago, when our CEO, Georgi Marinov, found your website and sent it to me, and we had the conversation that hiring you as our sales agency would be a good opportunity for our business. 

We liked several similar agencies to you and invited them for an interview. In the end we chose Out2Bound because we liked the methodology of work that you have built. 

Our team had its concerns at first due to the fact that our 2 main products are complex and the salesperson that needs to know them in detail and should be well prepared. We found out that Out2Bound is doing a great job and living up to our expectations, and after the first campaign all our worries disappeared.

Communication between us is daily. We appreciate that we know what is happening with our campaigns at any given moment. I just love the structured report for each campaign. We can see in detail how many people we targeted, how many opened the emails and LinkedIn messages, how many answered the phone, and how many responded.

We chose Out2Bound because we were very impressed with their work methodology and work processes from the beginning. Things worked out better than we expected. 

What is most valuable to us is how you present us to customers, how well we fit in, and how well you integrated yourself as part of our company.

We are very pleased that in such a short time, so many companies have found out who EngView is and what we do. “

Watch the full customer testimonial video with Tsvetelina Nacheva, Marketing Manager of EngView Systems:


About us

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Оur experience is in working with 270+ tech companies over the last 6 years. Providing sales outsourcing services gives us the knowledge to help companies achieve predictable and scalable results.

We also help existing teams through our consulting service and take pride in helping businesses engage and explore new prospects with possible buyers in as little as three weeks.

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