6 Years of Impact and Tech Sales Development: Happy Birthday, Out2Bound!


Today marks 6 years of growth, mistakes, and lessons on how to be better humans and entrepreneurs! Out2Bound turns 6 years! With more than 270 clients up to date, 35 team members, and over 3.5K followers on social media, we are proud to have reached this stage, and highly appreciative to everyone who made Out2Bound the company it is today.

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey, but let’s see where and how it all started.


The beginning


The idea for Out2Bound was born while Teofil (Theo) Shikov, co-founder and CEO of Out2Bound, was a sales executive for a tech company offering hosting and infrastructure solutions. Having spent some time in the company, he started to notice a trend – some of the sales meetings resulted not only in deals but also in job offers for him. Therefore, being a great salesman with a strong entrepreneurial background, he sensed that there was an opportunity to be grasped.

Long story short, Theo gathered Dimitar, Bobby, and Zdravko, and together they decided to lay the foundation of Out2Bound – a sales development agency helping technology companies find B2B customers.

“Looking back, I am reminded that this company is the place I always wanted to work for. Something that started as a side hustle addressing a pain-point in the local market, to what is now a regional player in the sales development field with global ambitions. An idea that allowed us to achieve a lot in both professional and personal aspects, to learn from each other and reach new heights,” Theo highlights.

The first clients that the young Out2Bound team worked with were Bulgarian tech companies. With time, the company started winning customers from all across Europe and the US. Fast forward to today, Out2Bound has worked with more than 270 tech companies and has opened opportunities in 30+ industries all across the world.


The core mission and vision 6 years later


“Out2Bound’s mission has always been to bring tech and innovation to the global market through sales and consultancy,” Theo says, adding that the vision of the company is to be “The go-to sales development partner for companies in Europe & North America to distribute their technology and innovation globally.”

Based on this mission and vision, Theo, Dimitar, Bobby, and Zdravko grew Out2Bound into one of the leading regional sales agencies that help tech companies find B2B customers. In a nutshell, what we do is build remote sales teams that execute outbound sales campaigns on behalf of the tech companies. To achieve this, we help them define their unique selling points, where their strength is, and what they want to achieve. Once we know this, we identify, reach out to, win their interest, and help clients close high-ticket deals.

Not only do we help them with generating opportunities with the right companies and decision-makers, but we also give them constant market intelligence, test new value propositions, and reach out to locations they have no presence or clients from, but still want to strategically penetrate. Besides that, we help tech founders and executives build these capabilities in-house through our consulting services.


6 years of milestones and counting!


Numbers speak for themselves, but Out2Bound has also earned multiple recognitions among which Top Direct Marketing Company For 2022, Top Consulting Company for Bulgaria in 2021, and named one among Top Lead Generation Companies in 2019. In 2018, our co-founding team – Theo, Zdravko, Bobby, and Dimitar, was named in Forbes 30 under 30.

In addition, we are partnering with a number of universities including Babson University (USA), Strathclyde (Scotland), American University in Bulgaria, and ecosystem and institutional organizations such as BAIT, BESCO, EBRD, and AIESEC.

Out2Bound is an Endeavor Dare2Scale Alumni company and a member of The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) where we are part of the board of directors with responsibility for External Markets.

Our team supports youth organizations and works with universities in Europe and the US. Over the years, we have had people from 24 nationalities working at our Sofia office. Besides Sofia, Out2Bound has one more office in Geneve.




What makes the team stick together for 6 years?


The great team and company culture at Out2Bound are only part of the reasons why the team sticks together. As team members, we are also excited by the fact that we work with multiple companies from all across Europe and North America, and are able to see the constant increase in results and value that we bring to our customers. Moreover, there are multiple opportunities that arise from being in the tech sector and talking to multiple founders and CEOs every day.

From the perspective of the founding team member, Theo Shikov, the value of being part of Out2Bound lies in the feeling of starting something from the ground up, making it a profitable business, and growing it internationally.

“There are limitless opportunities for personal growth – the Out2Bound brand in the track record allowed me to study and visit various countries around the world such as the USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Through Out2Bound I’ve met great entrepreneurs around the world, and I got the chance to fill a market need. In addition, among the founding team, we’ve been experimenting with various tech ideas throughout the years. Some of them resulted in working on our proprietary tech products now. And last, but not least – building my future with like-minded individuals that my co-founders are – that’s the best part of it,” Theo remarks.


What comes next?

With great enthusiasm to reach new milestones, Out2Bound has bold plans and visions for its future. In the coming year, we plan to enter new markets across CEE and the US, as well as grow the team in Sofia and hire more Business Development Representatives to work with tech founders and executives. We will aim to increase the results for our clients by implementing software solutions and increasing our own sales consulting capabilities.

Looking into the long-term future, Out2Bound will be launching a Sales Academy focused on B2B sales, and developing our own software products in the predictive and prescriptive sales domain.

As our CEO, Theo, says: “The future is full of opportunities. Let’s go and get them all!”


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