A case study for Userlytics

Userlyticsoffers a fully remote UX platform. We have targeted 5K+ prospects (decision-makers in target companies) for them during the 11-month period we have been working together. We have scheduled 84 high-ticket demos with leads from pre-defined accounts.

  • The client had been using inbound-driven growth before working with Out2Bound, and they intended to use outbound growth to speed up their client acquisition process. Userlytics wanted an agency that could use its own resources to find the leads and set up appointments with them, providing Userlytics’ account executives with more opportunities.
  • Out2Bound became Userlytics’ first European sales agency. We presented them to over 5,000 prospects in the EU, US, Nordics, and Argentina, as well as arranged 104 demos, 84 of which were realized.
  • Userlytics loved how adaptable Out2Bound’s services were, and how we continued to improve and give them more targeted leads based on their feedback and the changing market.
  • Throughout the entire partnership, Userlytics had a sense of control over what was sent out. That’s because we share everything we do with them, from spreadsheets with target accounts and prospects to sales cadences.
  • Something else Userlytics values from our services is our flexibility to change our sales process and structure to fit theirs. Out2Bound had to manage communicating with a significant section of Userlytics’ sales team, and each meeting had to be booked with a specific person in charge of a specific region/language of the market.


Background of the client 

Userlytics Corporation is an American-Spanish multinational company with headquarters in Florida, and Miami with 30+ people on their team. The company has 12 years of experience in the market and is present in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and East Asia.

Userlytics helps their customers improve their online customer experience and reduce development rework with their advanced UX platform and global participant panel. Their clients see 30% faster product cycles and a 20% reduction in call support requests.

The platform is complemented by a Participant Panel consisting of nearly a 1,5 million user testers whom companies can hire directly. 

Userlytics’ advanced UX platform and global participant panel have helped their customers lift their conversion rates by 80%.


The Challenge

Prior to Out2Bound, Userlytics’ solely acquired organic customers. Internal sales initiatives within Userlytics’ own sales team, such as Linkedin and email marketing, were also tested but were not very successful. That’s when they decided to hire sales agencies that specialize in outbound campaigns via LinkedIn and email.

Userlytics began working with three sales agencies at once, separating their work by market. One was used for partnership development, another for campaigns across the United States, and Out2Bound was used for campaigns across Europe. Our client concluded over the following several months that the other firms were less transparent, not as effective, and far more expensive for the efforts and conversions they were making. Therefore, they decided to stick with Out2Bound for their outbound leads.

Userlytics understood that it was best to outsource top-of-the-sales-funnel activities to a third-party agency in order to extend their customer portfolio, and decided to do so with Out2Bound.


Тarget markets

The very first thing we did when starting our project with Userlytics was to discuss and confirm the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and set the right expectations for possible results, the process of work, responsibilities, and the timeline of the initial engagement. We divided the target ICPs into different campaigns so that we could offer a more personalized approach for better results, while simultaneously keeping track of results and evaluating which strategy worked best (via A/B testing). In order to evaluate which strategy worked best, we narrowed down our focus to 2 industries per campaign.

Due to the variety of industries that could benefit from Userlytics’ solution, we decided to take a personalized approach and targeted the following customer profiles:

  • People within companies have already shown interest in UX platforms, including Userlytics. We identified this customer profile by utilizing software that the client had already been using to identify warmer prospects.
  • Large multinational or multi-state organizations that were already using Userlytics’ solutions in one office, but had other offices that were not using the platform yet and could potentially be expanded. We focused on companies located in the EU, the U.S., Nordics, and Argentina. For the target ICPs (Ideal Client Profiles), we identified two main channels to focus on direct email and LinkedIn


The Results

Userlytics first started working with 3 lead generation agencies – one in Europe and two in the U.S. and expected to benefit from every agency’s local market knowledge. In the end, they were using only 1 agency, Out2Bound, due to the process and results we have delivered.

When we remained the only sales agency Userlytics was using, we needed to double our efforts for both Europe and North America to make sure we covered all of their lead generation needs.

booking meetings for B2B

  • Prioritizing the right leads in a broad customer base
  • 104 booked demos, 84 realized high-ticket demos with leads from pre-defined accounts
  • 2 closed deals, a few more on the opportunity stage.
  • Scheduled demos with companies from 36 different industries.
  • Scheduled demos with people from 26 different countries from 5 different continents.
  • Positive feedback from account executives for the quality of leads in 90%+ of demos.
  • Demos scheduled with leading companies in the retail, telecom, manufacturing, and service industries.

booking meetings for B2B

Our process on how to approach the market:

  • First, we used Userlytics’ input on which industries to focus on.
  • After that, we started to proactively propose which industries to target. After a discussion with the client, we confirmed the game plan.
  • Later, we executed campaigns with warmer prospects. They were identified with the help of a software solution that Userlytics already had in place.
  • We also executed an expansion campaign to companies that Userlytics had as clients. We targeted offices in different locations that weren’t yet benefiting from their solution.
  • For the European market, we continued with a LinkedIn-only approach after December. That was to ensure full compliance with regulations while still delivering results.


The outcome

What did Userlytics share about working together:

  • They always felt in control of what was sent out. We always gave them access and wanted their approval before reaching out to prospects and accounts. From prospect lists to sales cadences, to key selling points and problems addressed. Besides that, we had daily communication with Userlytics via Slack, weekly standups, and monthly strategy meetings.
  • That we were flexible and kept improving upon the feedback we got from both them and the market.
  • Our ability to adapt to their sales process and structure. Out2Bound was in contact with a large part of their sales team, and each meeting was scheduled with the specific account executive responsible for the region/language.
  • Our reporting structure and everything were sent and presented in a simple and well-organized manner (statistics, information gathered, and insights) and all extra information was always available. Besides that, our team always helped with supplying information on request.


Client Testimonial

The client was impressed by Out2Bound’s sales team and especially by how well-structured communication was. They also took notice of the constant flow of ideas and suggestions for further improving results. As well as, our willingness to involve their entire sales team in the process. We made sure Userlytics’ account executives were ready for any talks with leads we gathered and that they always had information on what communication was exchanged with leads prior to demos.

What Anastasia Lasunina, International Business Development Manager at Userlytics says about working with us:


‘’What we realized and appreciated with Out2Bound was the structure of the results. As well as all the metrics that they were able to share after each campaign. Out2Bound was very organized and very transparent and their communication, in general, was great. These are things that we actually lacked with the other agencies we have worked with’’

‘’In terms of the campaigns, it was very easy to integrate Out2Bound’s processes into ours. It was all very smooth, without any issues’’


About us

Out2Bound is a sales development agency that serves technology companies (software development, mobile, web, SaaS). We help them attract b2b clients and access new markets around the globe.

We develop and execute outbound sales development strategies on behalf of technology companies to enrich their sales pipelines. As a result, we start conversations with highly targeted potential new clients. 

Оur experience is in working with 270+ tech companies over the last 6 years. Providing sales outsourcing services gives us the knowledge to help companies reach predictable and scalable results.

We also help existing teams through our consulting service and take pride in helping businesses engage and explore new prospects with possible buyers in as little as three weeks. We also assist you with yours.

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