A case study for a software service provider



About the Client and their challenge

Out2Bound worked with a software services provider with an HQ in Bulgaria. They have operated for more than 10 years in their domain – building solutions for customer engagement and commerce.

The company has no internal sales team and has been organically growing through referrals.  Thanks to the quality of their services clients have increased their engagement or been referring them. At the beginning of 2020, the new business from referrals came to a halt and they needed to try something different to attract new business.

The client had no strategy or tactics for new client acquisition, but they knew they needed new business to sustain their team and to continue chasing their ambitions for sustainable business growth. 

The company offers multiple software-related services, but together we decided to narrow down their offering for the project and focused mainly on their SAP expertise. They are a long-term SAP partner with experience delivering SAP solutions. To be more precise, this company works with one of the 5 modules of SAP C/4HANA – the module applied in e-Commerce.


Our Approach

Although we have a standardized process when starting a new project with a client, the complexity of the offerings of technology companies requires a personalized approach and adjustment to deliver better results.

Following our proprietary system, we managed to onboard our team in the period of 5 workdays. HERE, you can see a step-by-step description of our approach.


The target 

After the detailed introduction to their business in two meetings between Out2Bound and our client, we decided to approach the project with an A/B testing campaign. We divided our efforts towards 2 main groups of potential clients for the upcoming demand generation campaigns.


1. Channel partners (50%)

  • Digital transformation companies without expertise in the e-Commerce cloud. Our goal when contacting these companies was to start partnerships and extend the portfolio of their offerings. This allows them to complete an entire project with the integration of SAP, including the e-Commerce cloud.


2. End customers (50%)

  • Companies that have already integrated SAP Hybris (the former name of SAP C/4HANA). Our goal here was to find out if these companies were satisfied with their current supplier and the provided SAP support and, if not, discuss how we could contribute to their success (and obviously get them as clients). The hypothesis we tested with the market was that the system was very heavy, integration was not easy, and very few companies could provide a complete service due to the lack of expertise in all SAP modules.


The outcome

  • We collaborated with them for three months and all campaigns were confirmed as successful. All 3 campaigns continued with the divided effort between channel partners and end customers (50:50).
  • Targeting Channel Partners, we managed to help them get 8 DEALS CLOSED, which filled the capacity at 100%. Besides that overall we got the following results overall:
    • 3 campaigns, each targeting around 200 decision-makers from 100+ accounts
    • 23 booked calls, of which – 17 realized
    • From the 17 realized, 4 are dead-end, others are opportunities
    • Out of the 13 opportunities, 8 are already deals


Although for some of our clients we deliver outstanding results, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Results vary and depend on the maturity of the market. Product/service-market-fit, how well the problem is defined, and whether key selling points have already been tested with past clients. In this case, we have successfully helped the client close  8 deals with Channel Partners, through (qualification and negotiation) meetings arranged by Out2Bound. 

Оur experience in working with 240+ tech companies over the last 6 years by providing sales outsourcing services gives us the knowledge to help companies reach predictable and scalable results.


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