Dimitar Mitkov mentors at Starup Live 2021

Dimitar Mitkov, Co-founder and Head of Operations at Out2Bound participated as a mentor in Startup Viena Live 2021. The event is part of the ViennaUP’21 project. Dimitar has been a mentor in the program since 2018 and has taken part in both the Bulgaria and Vienna editions.


What is StartUp Live?

Startup Live is a leading international accelerating program coming from Vienna, that allows startup companies to pitch their business plan’s in front of experienced mentors, industry leaders, and a group of founders in order to get support in growing their business.


The history of Out2Bound and StartUp Live.

In November 2018 ViennaUp organized StartUp Live in Puzl Coworking Sofia. Duing that time they were looking for a mentor with extensive experience in consulting and sales. That’s how they met Dimitar and invited him to be part of the event.

Ever since then he’s been an integral part of StartUp Live, contributing by consulting and mentoring startups on various topics. Sales, business development, lead generation, market research, go-to market strategies, product – market fit and more.

In October 2019, Out2Bound joined Startup Vienna, not only through mentorship, but also as a partner of the program. As a ”Program supporter” Out2Bound is offering one of the prizes – 2 hours of free consulting for one of the winners.


StartUp Vienna Live 2021 – how did it go?

The event took place on the 29th of April until 1st of May.

According to the program, the teams are formed on the first day. The second day is set for meetings with the mentors, after which the companies are evaluated according to certain criteria, which gives information to the jury whether they should proceed to the last step – pitching. On the last day, the selected startups have the opportunity to present their value offering and business ideas to the jury. Finally, after the final speeches, the winners are being chosen.

This year, Dimitar Mitkov worked with two technology startups – zone14 and Arx.ace , each of them having one hour for a consulting meeting.

Here are a few words from him appealing to all early-stage startups:

‘’Often companies think that the problem is one, but in most situations it turns out that there is something more fundamental at the roots.

Most important is understanding what kind of problem the company is solving, finding out who their Ideal Customer Profile is, the product – market fit, sales structure and strategies they have, etc.’’


The winners in the event

We’re glad to say that one of the companies mentored by Dimitar won second place.

1st place – Needit GmbH
2nd place – zone14
3rd place – Tapni
and 2 prizes to Movevo and Privacy Optimization Sp. z o.o.


Congratulations to all the startups that won, as well as to those who participated in the program.

In case you haven’t watched, you can check the final pitches here.

Out2Bound has been participating in starup programs for years now, teaching founders the ins and outs of sales. If you want to learn more you can read about it in Sales for Founders: You are in sales like it or not.

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