Welcome to episode one of season two of Build Your Sales Machine podcast, now also a videocast. In season two, Out2Bund founder Theo S. Shikov is interviewing founders, sales & marketing leaders on the growth strategies and tactics that work for their businesses. In this episode Theo is talking to Kevin Urrutia, CEO at Voy Media and a serial entrepreneur. They discuss the challenges of founding a service vs. a product company and productization of services; the inbound and outbound approaches in sales and marketing; how your mindset changes from being a developer moving to a founder’s role.

Some highlight from the interview

Kevin: When I was doing just programming I thought that if you build a really cool product people will naturally find it and then use it. I didn’t realize there was marketing and sales that need to get the product in front of the customers’ eyes. We would keep building apps with my partner until we realized we need to start learning more about sales and marketing.

Then I started asking myself how do we manage to loose clients that come to us? Am I saying it wrong, what am I doing wrong? Then I realized there’s actually a sales process that starts with a discover call, then you need to ask some qualifying questions. Then you need to set the agenda, so that you know when the next call is etc. Read more about the sales process here.

Theo: How do you do customer acquisition?
Kelvin: We do both inbound and outbound. People find us through web, but we also do personalized videos over email and LinkedIn.

Theo: Would you say that there’s a channel that works better for you than the others?
Kevin: Right now inbound is working really well for us, but then we also have a podcast and we get emails from people listening to our podcast. We’ve been doing the show for about a year now and the content in the podcast helps increase credibility in our abilities.

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