Its easy to drown in information. Nowadays you can find almost anything but, putting it all together in a working process is tough.

Learn how to set up a startup sales process in as little as 3 weeks in one simple book.

  • Build your value hypothesis
  • Research your B2B market
  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Build your targeted list
  • Create your targeted sales cadence
  • The Sales Funnel and its stages explained
  • Buyer Process and Stages
  • Build a sales mindset
  • A list of prospecting tools and prospecting plays
  • 2 ready to use Job description templates – Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Account Executive
  • Practical tips and tricks on handling sales objections and spotting window shoppers
Open book visual - How to set up your startup tech sales process in 3 weeks
How to set up your startup tech sales process in 3 weeks ebook

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