How to set up your Startup B2B Sales Process in 3 weeks

Don’t wait 3-6 months before you can talk with your buyers. Build all your team needs and set up your Startup B2B Sales Process in 3 weeks.

Founders are the first salespeople in a business. They are tasked with proving their product or service-market fit. They onboard the first 5-10 customers effectively establishing their business on the market.

But what is the problem in today’s vast market?

When it comes to sales processes for startups we are bombarded with information on the top sales tactics, approaches, and cheat sheets. Videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes are flooding the internet.

On one hand, this is not bad because founders can learn from multiple sources and build their own sales process. On the other, the lack of flow and structure can often mislead a business owner and founders to spend hours and hours reading about sales without actually practicing it.

As a founder you can set up your startup B2B sales process in as little as 3 weeks

So how do you go about it in a predictable and practical manner?

In tech, there’s a significant amount of founders who come from engineering backgrounds which is great! These guys can really challenge the status quo and make something big out of merely nothing! But these guys are human beings just like everyone else. They like to stay in their comfort zone focusing on building a killer product or service and not spend too much time thinking about marketing & sales.

As a result, a huge number of startups fail to get to market on time spending vast amounts of money without getting a single customer. A “build it and they will come” mindset as we like to call it. In order to solve this, we advise founders to think about flipping the process. Find a customer who’d like to use your product or service and then build it in an iterative process with your first customers! That’s a real sales process for startups. 

In addition to all that when we talk about sales it is important to distinguish between the hunter and fisherman mentality. 

The Hunter

A hunter learns about his or her prey by examining their day-to-day behaviours, preferences. Based on that information he/she then equips his/herself with the proper tools to go get his prey. It’s similar to a sniper who takes into account wind velocity, humidity and distance before executing a precise single shot.

The Fisherman

A fisherman on the other hand is significantly more effective when you go after schools of fish. Throwing a net and catching a vast variety of fish which later you have to filter and select which ones to let back in the water because they are too small or different from what you want.

Both approaches are effective in different use-cases.

When we talk about B2B sales we like to equip startup founders with the hunter mentality.

So how do you set up a sales process for startups in 3 weeks? Below is the top level process we like to use. Each separate article covers a step.


  1. Preparing your Startup B2B Sales Process
    1. Build your value hypothesis
    2. Research your B2B market
    3. Prepare your outbound B2B sales campaign
      1. Identify your Ideal Customer Profile
      2. Build your targeted list
      3. Create your targeted sales cadence
        1. DOs and DON’Ts when writing an email
        2. LinkedIn Sales
        3. Using cold calling as a sales channel
        4. SMS for startup sales
  2. Executing your Process
    1. What is a Sales Funnel and what are its stages?
    2. Buyer Process and Stages
    3. Demand Generation
      1. Sales Development Representative job description
      2. Sales Mindset Building
      3. Prospecting plays
      4. Prospecting Tools for each channel
      5. Sales metrics / Key performance indicators
      6. Agile Sales Process
    4. Account execution (meeting focus)
      1. Account Executive job description
      2. How to qualify leads? The BANT framework.
      3. Spotting window shoppers
      4. Why are you getting ghosted in sales and how to avoid it
      5. Handling sales objections in a way that drives opportunities


Are you currently setting up your startup’s sales process?

Don’t have time to reinvent the wheel?

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    • Buyer Process and Stages
    • Build your sales mindset
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