In October 2022, we officially became part of MarketStar, the pioneering B2B sales, and revenue acceleration company, and are now continuing our journey together with the vision to become the global leader in full-funnel outsourced sales solutions. 

Being more than excited to open new opportunities for our clients, we will be now working to align our values and culture for streamlined global growth. Still, we are more than proud of the name that we have built for ourselves in Southeast Europe for the past 6 years. 

Out2Bound is now MarketStarSo, what makes us unique enough to draw the attention of a company in the ranks of MarketStar? 


First and foremost, it is our specialization that has piqued their interest: our primary focus and strength is sales development for B2B tech companies. Then, there’s the segment in which we specialize: startups and SMEs. Most large international companies have little experience with this customer segment because their primary target is corporations. 

Last but not least, social trust factors such as reviews, positive customer ratings, customer success stories, and awards helped Out2Bound stand out. So, while our business model, specialization, and customer success stories drew MarketStar’s attention, it was the culture that compelled them to stay and close the deal.

We should also not forget that leadership is what makes strong teams thrive and great ideas grow. Below, you will read an interview, where Teofil Shikov, co-founder and CEO at Out2Bound talks about what it is like to build a unique company culture, how to manage transitions, and what will the culture of Out2Bound look like as part of MarketStar. 


What did MarketStar recognize as unique and valuable enough in Out2Bound to consider an acquisition? 


Theo: Of course, one of the most important factors was the great cultural fit between the two companies which is due to the fact that Out2Bound has built a team with amazing people and strong leadership. This is the people element. The other element is related to business logic and needs. MarketStar recognized that the outbound sales development offering that we provide would be of great value to their organization, in addition to our extensive know-how and experience in working with startups and SMEs. 

How did Out2Bound manage to build such a unique sales development offering? 


Theo: I owe it to the fact that we have been working on delivering value to our customers since day 1. As a team, we have always strived to create constant innovation in delivery operations – from implementing new methodologies and technologies to creating internal products, and even launching the Sales academy SalesPRO

I am proud to share that everyone on our team is working with a global mindset. It did not take long for our potential customers to realize that they don’t need to have their sales team fully in-house. Instead, they saw the opportunity to partner with companies like ours, which combine great sales talent, proven strategies and processes for acquiring customers, integrated tools, systems, and data, as well as analytics and reporting. This is how we won customers from Europe and the US and were able to achieve outstanding results.


How will Out2Bound continue to work under the MarketStar organization? 


Theo: As part of the MarketStar family, our leadership team remains a part of the organization, and we will continue to work towards creating a recognizable and positive company culture. We intend to grow our local team from 35 members currently to 300 to 450 members over the next three to five years.

Out2Bound will continue to work with companies from the region and retain current customers. At the same time, we will start working with global tech companies to aid their revenue growth in the European and the US market. We will also further grow the SalesPRO brand so that we can develop more sales talent in the market and find great people to join us. 

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