In the following case study, you will learn how we delivered 140 booked meetings with leads for an eye-tracking technology startup.



  • Eyeware’s most difficult business challenge was determining the industry to which their technology was most applicable. As a result, Out2Bound’s primary objective in working with Eyeware was slightly different from the usual goal of increasing clients’ customer base and assisting them in closing more deals. To assist them in accomplishing this, Out2Bound developed a series of campaigns aimed at various potential target industries for Eyeware.
  • We worked with Eyeware for 11 months and delivered 13 campaigns. As an outcome, these campaigns reached 2750 prospects from companies that fit their Ideal Client Profile (ICP), which resulted in 150 booked appointments, and 140 of them were realized. 
  • Eyeware expressed gratitude for the market feedback we provided them as a result of our collaboration.
  • The weekly progress meetings and detailed reports at the end of each month provide information on what worked and what didn’t, what feedback Out2Bound received from prospects, outreach open rates, and the leads generated. Every detail was thought to be consistent and valuable.

Out2Bound lead generation


Background of the client

Eyeware is an emerging deep tech startup that develops head and eye tracking solutions for webcams and 3D cameras for computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, simulators, and more. The company began as a research spin-off from EPFL and Idiap Research Institute.

Eyeware advances natural connections between people and their devices using software-only head and eye-tracking technology.

You can learn more about the company through a short video here.


The Challenge

Eyeware’s patent-pending remote head pose and gaze tracking technology is trusted by industry leaders in the consumer electronics and automotive sectors.

Their biggest challenge, purely from a business point of view, was to identify the industry for which their technology was most applicable. 

So, our primary goal in working with Eyeware was slightly different than our usual goal – to grow our clients’ customer base and help them close more deals. In this case, we aimed to get market intelligence, build value hypotheses together with them, and get market validation for these hypotheses.

Our goal was to meet them with the right decision-makers and potential users from selected industries in order to help them understand where they should put their R&D focus. Of course, these users were also potential buyers of their patented technology.


The Targets

Eyeware was acquiring clients through several different channels before Out2Bound. Direct outreach (90%) – LinkedIn, direct emails, calls, and inbound (10%) – LinkedIn ads, some presence on referral sites, Google organic and paid traffic, and by exhibiting at UX conferences.

When we started working together, the biggest priority of our clients was to validate whether their ideas about the technology were marketable. To help them do this, we created a series of campaigns aimed at various potential target industries for Eyeware. 

Because Eyeware was yet unsure of its target market, it relied on Out2Bound to explore and discover the appropriate markets and industries. So we did this and targeted 18 different verticals and use cases to make sure we have enough market intelligence and leads in the pipeline.

Everything was well documented and presented, so they could use the insights to make decisions on where their focus should be.


The results

We worked with them for 11 months and delivered 13 campaigns. These campaigns reached 2750 prospects from companies that fit their Ideal Client Profile (ICP), which resulted in 150 booked appointments, of which 140 were realized. 

The leads we generated were from 34 different countries and in 25 different industries— necessary variety when we help a company find their product-market fit (or, in their case, technology-market-fit). 

Results by working with Out2Boundsales development

The outcome

We enabled Eyeware to get as much useful information as possible from the research of new buyer personas.  During our weekly calls, our sales team (a BDR and a Sales Lead) shared every piece of feedback with Eyeware, which according to them was extremely valuable as it helped them understand where they should focus their attention and whether we should dive deeper in a specific segment.

We tested Eyeware’s technology in a variety of verticals and use cases. Aside from the lead generation, we provided for them, they appreciated the detailed and descriptive feedback provided by their potential clients from the various markets we targeted, all presented in a well-structured manner.

What Eyeware said they appreciated about working with us:

  • The 140 booked meetings with leads
    The market feedback we provided them with
  • The SDR picked up on everything quickly. At the same time didn’t need to constantly revert to Eyeware’s team for information and help.
  • The one-per-week meetings to assess progress.
  • The detailed reports at the end of every month provide information on what worked, what didn’t, what feedback we got from our prospects, our open rates, and the leads generated. Every little detail was considered consistent and valuable.
  • The ability of Out2Bound’s team to work independently
  • The time-saving for the client
  • Our working and reporting structure
  • The ability to answer all of our client’s questions
  • We are really easy to work with


Client Testimonial

Eyeware wanted to discover new markets, new types of buyers, new verticals, and new industries. And to do so they needed a lot of conversations.

They had an internal team, and an internal SDR, and were testing various outbound sales theories.

“At some point, we began working with Out2Bound, and they immediately began booking calls, which was very convenient for us.

We had low expectations at first because our technology is quite specific and unique. The value proposition is not very clear, and we were concerned that someone external would not pick it up quickly. I met with your team and our designated BDR, and Out2Bound’s team just got it. We only gave them half of the information, but they were able to see through it.

I liked Out2Bound’s sales materials. I liked how they presented themselves – it felt very personal. The conversations with them were very spot on; there was no waste in the discussions.

And from the very beginning, they eased their way with their very low-risk type of initial package.

From Day 1, they booked us meetings with leads that we wanted. And they did that with as few touch points as possible. It was really effective.

We have been approached by a lot of lead generation companies. But it’s hard to know which ones are actually worth working with. Out2Bound was an introduction from one of our investors and they delivered from day one.

They are doing the right thing and have the right setup. In general, I was really happy with the collaboration.’’

Chase Anderson, Account Executive, and Bastjan Prenaj, Co-founder & Growth at Eyeware


A video testimonial from Chase Anderson, Account Executive at Eyeware:


You can also check out Eyeware’s review below about working with Out2bound:



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