Collaborating with Strathclyde Business School

We are excited to share the news that Out2Bound is collaborating with Strathclyde Business School, part of the University of Strathclyde.


What is the focus of our collaboration?

University students will participate in the “Managing Across Cultures and Frontiers” course, with Out2Bound serving as a real-life course project.

Over the next two months, 70 Strathclyde students will work on a business case answering one main research question – How Out2Bound can best enter the UK market? 

The project will consist of a series of lectures (40 minutes + 20 minutes for questions) that will provide students with a thorough understanding of:

  • What Out2Bound is and what are our core values;
  • How we manage people in different teams;
  • The way we acquire customers;
  • How we negotiate across cultures with clients all over the world.


Collaboration and Program

Out2Bound will collaborate with Dr. Pratima Sambajee, a Lecturer in International Management at the Department of Work, Employment, and Organization.

Teofil Shikov, the founder of Out2Bound, kicked off the sessions on January 25 with general information about the company. The other 3 co-founders of Out2Bound (Zdravko Zdravkov, Boris Georgiev, and Dimitar Mitkov), will then join different sessions on topics about the company. As well as the way we operate and our plans for the future.

This exercise will conclude on March 29 with a final presentation by all teams (these 70 people, divided into ten teams) on what they have studied, discovered, and what they propose should be Out2Bound’s strategy to enter the UK market.


About Out2Bound

Out2Bound is a sales development agency that helps technology & IT companies (software devеlopment, mobile, web, SaaS) to attract b2b clients and access new markets around the globe.

We develop and execute outbound sales development strategies on behalf of technology companies. We do this to help them fill their sales pipelines and begin conversations with highly targeted potential new clients.

Additionally, we test out new markets and validate the product or service market fit. We are able to plug into the company as a remote sales team. Or we can support an existing sales team by enriching its sales pipeline.

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Out2Bound has been acquired by MarketStar