Launching the first eBook by Out2Bound

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching the first-ever eBook by Out2Bound – ”How to Set Up Your Startup Tech Sales Process in 3 Weeks”.

With today’s endless options of sales tactics and strategies, how do you choose the best one for your organization? The eBook ‘’How to set up your Startup Tech Sales Process in 3 weeks’’ will address everything you need to consider when selecting the most appropriate sales processes for your company. From building your value hypothesis to creating your ICP. From researching your competitors to preparing your outbound sales campaign, that becomes the Ultimate Guide to help you accelerate your sales team results.

With one author, five chapters, and hundreds of tips and tricks, our FREE eBook will include everything we’ve learned about the topic over the years. It will serve as a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best sales process for your organization.

eBook by Out2Bound

As a founder, you could set up your startup tech sales process in as little as 3 weeks

The first salespeople in a company are usually the founders. They are tasked with demonstrating product-market fit for their product or service. They successfully onboard the first 5-10 customers, thereby establishing their business on the market.

Founders understand the importance of speed. Having a structured process and not wasting countless hours figuring things out can be extremely beneficial.

As a result, we created the Ultimate Guide “How to Set Up Your Startup Tech Sales Process in 3 Weeks”. Written by one of Out2Bound’s Co-Founders, Boris Georgiev.

Boris has been speaking with founders on a daily basis for years, and they have two primary priorities. Demonstrate product-market fit as stated above and grow their business. Fortunately, both are achievable but if you are not aware of what you are doing, it may take you a long time.


But what exactly is the issue in today’s vast market?

We are bombarded with information about the most effective sales tactics, approaches, and cheat sheets. Videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes have flooded the internet.

On one hand, this is beneficial because founders can learn from a variety of sources and develop their own sales processes. On the other hand, a lack of flow and structure can frequently mislead a business owner or founder into spending hours reading about sales without actually practicing it.

As a founder, you can get your startup B2B sales process up and running in as little as three weeks. Using practical examples from our eBook will help you achieve that.

Doubt it’s possible? Download the free eBook by Out2Bound and try it for yourself. Coming out very soon.

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Free Sales eBook

FREE eBook by Out2Bound

If you like Launching the first eBook by Out2Bound, you can also download our eBook. It covers the following topics:

  • Build your value hypothesis
  • Research your B2B market
  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Build your targeted list
  • Create your targeted sales cadence
  • Sales Funnel and its stages explained
  • Buyer Process and Stages
  • Build your sales mindset
  • A list of prospecting tools and prospecting plays
  • 2 ready to use Job description templates – Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Account Executive
  • Practical tips and tricks on handling
    sales objections and spotting window shoppers