Out2Bound is the leading Sales-as-a-Service provider in Bulgaria, that’s helped over 170 Bulgarian IT companies sell their products abroad and domestically. As such we want to see the Bulgarian IT ecosystem grow and sell more.

Not only because it’s our business but also because it’s one of the industries with the most value-added to the economy. 2020 presented a lot of challenges and while we hear how the COVID19 crisis is affecting other industries like tourism and retail, there’s not enough data on the state of IT sales. We want to shine a light on that. To give a clear picture of the current state and sentiment for the near future of IT sales in Bulgaria.

That’s why we decided that in 2020 Out2Bound will organize the first “State of IT Sales in Bulgaria” survey. Using our own network and partnering with industry organizations we plan to have the most representative survey on the matter.

We plan to share the findings with the media, law-makers, relevant NGOs, and the participants.

The survey is closed but we will be waiting for you to participate in the next edition.

Header - State of IT sales in Bulgaria 2020