Out2Bound Recognized as a Global Leader in the Consulting Industry According to The Manifest


Founded in 2016, Out2Bound has been one of the best business consulting and the best sales development agencies in Bulgaria. Specializing in working with technology companies that offer software services and software products. We help them to generate new business opportunities and acquire more customers. Our dedication to our craft has managed to secure us a spot in this year’s The Manifest global leaders award.

The Manifest recently recognized our company for our consulting services. According to their recent reports, our company was able to deliver amazing services for our clients. We have delivered outputs that exceeded the industry standards and expectations. 

It is an honor and a privilege to be named as one of the leading agencies in The Manifest in Bulgaria, Switzerland, and as a global leader. All this recognition for the consulting services we provide is a humbling experience. Especially given that we have been in this business for little over 5 years. You can expect us to help more companies to define and achieve their sales goals moving forward.


Global Leader consulting


The company’s extensive B2B sales experience and proven outbound sales development methodologies have been effective in creating game plans for our clients. Our bespoke sales strategy and executions have also played a big role in our clients’ success. Today, we’ve managed to work with 240+ companies, cover at least 30+ industries, and created 2,500+ new sales opportunities for our clients.

Some of the companies we’ve worked with are Telelink, BGO Software, Nitropack, Progress, GemSeek, Modis, and the list goes on! Media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Money.bg, and Trending Topics have also featured Out2Bound and the story behind the company.

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Out2Bound has been acquired by MarketStar