Prospecting tools for each outbound sales channel

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Email tools

Aside from the standard no-brainer – the email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), you should definitely consider using email automation software. This will help you not only schedule your emails to land in your prospect’s inbox when you want but also provide valuable insight into how your outbound email campaign is performing.

You can A/B test specific subject lines and different email bodies, see which one brings you more opens, replies, and forwards. So that you can improve your next campaigns and have a more data-driven approach when building the next cadences.

Also, you can schedule follow-up steps like “send email #2 X amount of days after email #1 if no response is received”

Another cool feature of using email automation software for outbound prospecting is that you can track how many times a certain prospect has read your email. If it is significantly higher than the rest of the prospects in your campaign that is a signal to give them a call right away.

There are numerous tools on the market that you can just google but here are a few examples: Sendinblue,,, Close,, and AutoKlose.

In addition to email automation consider using domain reputation monitors to ensure that your domain has the proper settings, reputation is not harmed or you’re marked as a spammer somewhere. For example Mail-tester, Glockapps, or MailGenius.

And finally, always use a verification service to make sure that the emails you’ve got on your list are the right ones to ensure that you protect your email address. For example VerifyEmail, ZeroBounce, DeBounce, NeverBounce, MillionVerifier, etc.


LinkedIn prospecting tools

The world of automation is vast and there are a number of tools you can use to automate your LinkedIn approach as well. However, we must warn you that overusing automation especially on Linkedin can drastically impact your sales in a negative way.

At Out2Bound we’re huge fans of automation but never at the cost of quality.

If you don’t know how to do something manually, don’t automate it.

For example, Most automation tools will let you send messages and add people in bulk. A person who doesn’t have a clear Ideal Customer would simply select all founders of companies from 10 to 50 employees and send automated untargeted messages to these people. What results do you think such an outbound campaign would have?

Instead, try to use Linkedin automation to make your life easier but do your homework. Make sure you build targeted saved searches with people that fit a detailed ideal customer profile. This way you can make your approach relevant with key examples and use cases. This will definitely make your approach less generic and bring better results.

As a general rule avoid automation tools that rely on using a chrome extension and keep your laptop always on to work. Rather look for fully SaaS solutions that work in the cloud without you needing to use a proprietary chrome extension or never close your laptop.

А few examples of tools you can use include Skylead, Salesflow, and


Cold calling tools

When we talk about outbound prospecting the phone is essential because that is the only channel you could use to build authentic 1-2-1 conversations fast. A few important things you need to consider when selecting a cold calling service are:

  • Can they offer you local numbers to use for target countries?
  • Do they provide you with metrics so you can measure effectiveness?
  • Can they cover both outbound and inbound calls?
  • Do they provide voicemail drop, call recording, forwarding, power-dialing, transcription, and/or other relevant features?
  • Does it integrate with your CRM?

Ideally, when selecting a tool it should be a cloud-based telephony service that can offer both web and mobile experience to its customers.

Here are a few examples you could use – Skype, Freshcaller, Twilio, Gong, Aircall, and Close.


SMS prospecting tools

Ok, SMS is simple and easy to use, we know. The main problem is that some companies message people that don’t know them yet. As mentioned before, DON’T do that. Instead, focus on using SMS as a follow-up channel when you’ve already had some interaction with a prospect or at least have tried all other channels a few times before sending an SMS.

Here are a couple of features to look for in your SMS automation tool:

  • Mass texting
  • Message scheduling
  • Two-way texting
  • Personalization
  • Reporting

Some example tools you might look at are SlickText, EZ Texting, SimpleTexting, Salesmsg, and Close.


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