Sales Mindset Building

*Sales Mindset Building is part of the “How to set up your Startup B2B Sales Process in 3 weeks” series.


Let’s talk about Sales Mindset Building. What are its components and how to develop them daily?


Learn to hear “No” and keep going

When you are in sales you are faced with a lot more rejections than acceptance. Learning to keep moving forward regardless of that can be the single most important determining factor of your success.

Hearing “No” is a fact of life and a crucial learning point in sales mindset building for you and your team.

Often when we are faced with rejection we as human beings automatically start searching for reasons within. Some thoughts like “I didn’t convey our value proposition well enough. I was not clear enough. I did not use the proper language”… etc. can really impact our motivation. In such situations, the single most important thing is to take a moment to evaluate what you could have done differently and just GO DO IT.

When your motivation is suffering you will end up overthinking which will lower your activity and ultimately lead to a lack of results. Mastering the ability to keep going when everything is against you separates the average from the best. Persistence is one of the keys to sales mindset building.


Know your “Why”

Great salespeople are able to understand the “why” of their product or service. This helps them understand how their product or service can really help customers. Think about it as a Unique Selling Point (USP) which is not just a simple boring list of features but how exactly your customers’ lives get better using your solution”. When a salesperson is clear on what value their company provides then the conversation with potential customers transforms from a conversation about selling to a conversation on how a problem can be solved. Great sellers are helpers. That’s a second fundamental part of sales mindset building.


Keep customers’ interests as the top priority

When you think about it this is really a no-brainer but often in the day-to-day operations, a salesperson can forget that the single reason a company exists is to serve its customers. The way we serve our customers is by keeping them as our top priority. Customers can feel when they are being sold and regarded as a paycheck. When that happens trust is broken and deals fall apart. Instead, salespeople should focus on serving their customers and the paycheck will come.


Sales Mindset Building by Listening more and talking less

Listening skills are crucial to a sales mindset. We as human beings love the sound of our voices, hearing our names, and so on.

As Dale Carnegie once said, “Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves”. When you let others talk and you listen with the intent to understand, selling becomes a lot easier. Focus on asking specific questions that can show you understand their struggles and the more you learn about their unique situation the better you are positioned to help.

In conclusion, even if you don’t remember anything else from this segment remember this – People do business with people they know, like, and trust. The easiest way to build trust and be liked is by being persistent, focused on solving problems and listening with an intent to understand.


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