SMS for startup sales

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That one is tricky and here’s why! 

It has reach

First of all, SMS is a great channel. According to research, millennials have officially surpassed Gen X as the most represented generation in the workforce and 68% of millennials admit “to texting a lot” so why not use SMS as a channel? 

Rapidly opened

Another reason for using SMS as a channel in your B2B tech sales process is that according to the 2017 state of SMS research 7 billion texts have been sent in 2018 and 90% of them were read within 3 minutes of receiving.

A cautionary tale for when using SMS for startup sales

However, there are a few things we need to remember before we incorporate SMS into our strategy.

  1. DON’T use it as a first step in your cadence. It’s usually better to warm up the prospect with a few emails, LinkedIn, and why not calls before we send an SMS. Better use it as a follow-up method. 
  2. DO use a tone that fits according to the stage in your sales funnel. If you haven’t had an intro call with your prospect yet better keep it professional. If you’ve already built rapport then you could use a more friendly tone.
  3. DON’T overuse SMS! If you’ve texted 1-2 times and haven’t gotten a response don’t keep texting people!
  4. DO make sure you’ve gotten their phone number in an appropriate way before texting them. You can use SMS if you’ve gotten their phone number from a subscribe option on your website or from their signature when they replied to an email you’ve sent.
  5. DO ask quick and simple questions that can be answered in less than 20-30 sec of texting.

sms for starup sales


Check out our previous article about using cold calling as a sales channel. In the next part of our Sales Acceleration program, Boris Georgiev talks about what is a Sales Funnel and what are its stages.

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