Spotting window shoppers

*Spotting window shoppers is part of the “How to set up your Startup B2B Sales Process in 3 weeks” series.


What is a window shopper?

That’s a person who would be interested in meeting you to understand more about your value proposition but often doesn’t really have the intention to buy. Such prospects can often be very hard to identify if we’re not doing our qualification and needs assessment correctly. They can often lead to pointless meetings that never convert into anything more.


Spotting window shoppers

In order to be successful in differentiating real buyers from window shoppers, we look at their behavior. Are they asking relevant and detailed questions or are they just looking and listening to our presentation without giving us definite information and asking specific questions. 

For example:

  • If a prospect looks at your presentation but doesn’t try to hypothesize how things would work in their specific situation. 
  • If they are not asking you probing questions like “How does x work?” “Would x prevent us from doing Y?” “How do you handle {problem}?” “Who else is using your service?” “Are there existing customers we could talk with about your value proposition?”
  • Additionally, we at Out2Bound usually consider prospects who don’t ask about the price as window shoppers and often disqualify them.


What we can do for window shoppers

The fact that someone is not going to buy your product or service at the current moment of time doesn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t be open to buying in the future. That is why we often suggest that if a window shopper fits a part of your ICP to put them on a follow-up stage and reach back in 3 months to see if their situation has changed and would enter a buying cycle.

Additionally, you may want to include window shoppers in a marketing sequence where you keep them informed on market insights, news about your product or service, and also educational material that may help build intent to buy. 


Do you know how to qualify leads? Check out our article, to learn how to do it by using the BANT framework. In the next part, Boris talks about the reasons why you are getting ghosted in sales, and how to avoid it.

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