State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2020 Reception

January 2020 began like the ones before it – with big plans for the coming year. None expected what was to come just 2 months later. Everything was turned upside down and put businesses to the test. Overnight companies had to adapt to working from home becoming the norm. E-commerce had one of its best periods in contrast to the hospitality industry which suffered throughout the year.

This drastic and inevitable change in the work routine and digitalization made us think – what was the effect on sales in the IT industry?

That’s why we teamed up with the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) and got hard at work to get to the bottom of that question. And that is how the State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2020 was born.

98 companies from the IT sector took part in the October 2020 survey. Most of them from the SME segment. B2B sales focused organizations dominated and 40% of the surveyed reported an annual revenue between 100 000 EUR to 1 mln EUR.

State of IT sales in Bulgaria 2020 Reception and Coverage

The State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2020 report was published on February 22, 2021 and was covered by companies and media alike. Here is a part of the coverage it had:

Download the Report and find out:

  • How sales changed in 2020
  • What sales channels were used
  • Who’s hiring and Who’s firing
  • The sales role in numbers
  • What do our respondents think of the coming period

Join us next year and see how things will develop in 2021.

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