You can expect the 2021 edition of our report ‘’State of IT Sales in Bulgaria’’ to launch at the beginning of 2022. As of now, we have started the data collection process and we will be happy if you would like to contribute as a participant in our survey.


In last year’s edition of State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 


 The State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2020 was the first edition of the report. Due to our curiosity and the situation around the Covid pandemic, we wanted to paint a clearer picture of one of the industries that contributes the most to the Bulgarian economy.

The 2020 report included data from 98 companies, the vast majority of which were small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (60%). With a focus on business-to-business sales, 40% of respondents reported annual revenue ranging from 100,000 EUR to one million EUR. From product development to services, half of the respondents had at least 2-3 sales professionals on staff to drive new business.

There was a growing trend maintained by consistent demand for services. However, only one-third of the respondents met their annual goals. Headcount shifted as well – only 36% of respondents did not change the size of their overall team. Sales personnel, on the other hand, were increasing. This drastic and unavoidable change in work routine and digitalization were impacting the industry heavily. 

2020 gave a lot of valuable lessons to many companies. Most of them adjusted their businesses accordingly and stepped into 2021 with full force. 


State of IT Sales 2021 


We intend to conduct an even more detailed survey on the subject of IT sales by utilizing our network and collaborating with industry organizations.

Тo make this happen, we partner with BESCO (The Bulgarian Startup Association). Thank you to Endeavor Bulgaria for also being a supporter.

The report will focus on these further topics:

  • How did tech companies perform in 2021
  • “How selling to the local and international market changed in 2021 vs 2020”
  • What sales channels were used
  • Which Sales Automation tools were used
  • Who’s hiring and Who’s firing
  • The sales role in numbers
  • What do our respondents think of the coming period


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Want to take part in the research? Get in touch now at survey@out2bound.com

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