What happened in B2B tech sales in 2020?

2020 was turbulent to say the least. Some channels like expos straight out died for a period of time. While others boomed due to the rise of remote work and all of the specifics that came with it. The stigma attached to working with a team spread out across the globe and not in 1 office became a thing of the past in many companies. How did 2020 impact specific companies? Let’s see one example – LimeChain.


Tech Sales Talks with Nick Todorov

In the latest episode we got together with our friend Nick Todorov, CEO & Co-founder of LimeChain who shared how things have changed since the start of the pandemic. To none’s surprise Nick was really candid and open about their approach and what works and doesn’t for LimeChain.

Watch the entire first episode of Tech Sales Talks with Nick Todorov on youtube.


About Tech Sales Talks

Episode 2 of Tech Sales Talks with Nick Todorov is part of a series where we get together with sales executives and professionals from tech companies and talk shop.

While making The State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2020 report we got a lot of great insights. We wanted to discuss them with people from the industry and see how the general picture applied to different companies. Surely enough there were people who gladly took up the opportunity to share their opinion. 


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