What results can you expect by working with Out2Bound? Well, with this article, we aim to share what can be the expectations for results of technology companies when they work with Out2Bound for sales development.


How many contacts do we reach out to and why this number?

To generate conversations and interest from highly targeted personas, we aim to reach a delicate mix of quantity and quality. The interest rate from target companies (account-to-lead rate) ranges between 4% and 6% on average. We contact between 200 and 300 prospects from 100 to 150 accounts (we target at least two people per company, experimenting with different levels of seniority between different functions across the organizations to see who responds best to our clients’ solutions). We usually contact 3-5 people per company with larger companies.


Bigger companies = more decision-makers involved in the process.


Although we deliver exceptional results for most of our clients, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. The maturity of the market, size of target companies, product/service market fit, how well the problem is defined, and whether key selling points have already been tested with past clients all influence the outcome.

Our experience working with 240+ tech companies to provide sales outsourcing services over the last 6 years has given us the knowledge to assist companies in achieving predictable and scalable results.


How do we measure the success of our campaigns?

Check out a step-by-step explanation of our approach if you want to see the entire process of working with us before launching the first sales campaign.

So how do we measure the success of our campaigns? The ultimate KPI is the number of booked and realized meetings delivered to our clients. Have in mind we only target companies and people within that have been pre-approved by our clients. 


All the KPIs we track are:

  • number of targeted people and accounts
  • open rate
  • reply rate
  • interest rate
  • no interest rate
  • booked meetings
  • realized meetings


We also expect the companies we work with to give us feedback after every meeting if there is an opportunity at the moment or in the near future. 


After how much time there are results for each client?

According to our experience, it usually takes 3-4 months on average to provide results that can show the full potential of working with Out2Bound for your tech company. Exceptions sometimes can be when we target enterprise customers, where more time is needed – around 5-6 months. 

Of course, in many cases, we are able to provide results from the very beginning. This is entirely dependent on the industry, decision-makers, and the product/service we are selling, and of course, on a bit of luck.


There is a list of factors that are directly related to the achievement of our results:

  • Who are the people we work with – owners, managers, employee
  • What’s the type of company we work with and do they offer services or products
  • Target markets locations
  • Target markets industries/verticals
  • What is the level of dedication when working with Out2Bound?

    You can check our case study and see how a client converted 8 closed deals in only 3 months, by working with us. Also, you can read first-person stories on our Clutch.co profile.

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