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What would you get?


Step 0: Discovery Meeting

We meet to learn about your challenges, issues, and opportunities when it comes to sales. During this meeting, we strive to get your company’s vision and goals and see how we can help.

If we’re a fit for you (and vice-versa), we take on the task to become your remote sales team and work on your sales goals.


Step 1: Set a Remote Sales Team

We assign you an BDR (Business Development Representative) and one of Out2Bound’s Sales Leads. Your BDR will be your company representative and she/he will:


  • Provide you with weekly updates
  • Conduct monthly meetings with you together with the sales
  • Consult you on various strategies regarding outbound sales development, specifically designed for tech companies. The Sales Lead will also be heavily involved in this.

Step 2: Market Research

Your BDR, with the help of the Sales Lead, will do a market research, which will clarify and define the potential of your niche market. This includes:

  • Business Analysis — we will help you define your competitive advantages that will including key use cases and benefits to focus on when selling.
  • ICP (Ideal Client Profile) — you will understand which markets and companies are your perfect target.
  • Unique Value Proposition and Key Selling Points — you will discover what makes you stand out in a sea of tech companies.

Step 3: Outbound Sales Development Strategy

On this step Out2Bound will prepare a campaign plan while taking into account the insights from the previous steps. We will utilize tools, methodologies and know-how about b2b tech sales to maximize the number of appointments with decision-makers from companies which fit your ICP. The plan includes:

The plan will include:

  • Goals and KPIs — set clear metrics that will measure the progress of your sales campaign.
  • Contacts List — companies which fit your ICP and targeted decision- makers.
  • Sales Cadence — industry-based and company-based personalized messages, along with best channels to reach targeted contacts.


Your team of a BDR and Sales Lead will start an outbound sales campaign, which will last 3-4 weeks. It will include:

  • Outreach – the BDR will interact with targeted decision makers and companies through various channels (email, phone, LinkedIn.)
  • Setting Up Appointments – the BDR will arrange meetings between you and decision-makers who are interested to understand more about your value proposition.
  • Before every appointment the BDR will give you an update about the company, decision maker(s) you will be meeting & previous communication with them.

Step 5: Feedback & Setting a New Campaign

Your BDR and Sales Lead will revise the sales development strategy and will start the process again. This stage includes:

You can expect to have:

  • Strategy Revision — the strategy may change in order to optimize the performance and results based on market feedback.
  • New Outbound sales campaign — preparation of a new campaign and going back to Step #3: Outbound sales development strategy.

What else you can get?

We Offer Closing SERVICE As well!

Have you thought about what the best way to approach your leads is?


Are you looking to qualify them?

Do you want to increase the odds of closing a deal?

That’s where CLOSING step in!

Header - Sales Challenges IT Companies Face



  • Qualifying Leads — your AM will assist you with effectively moving your leads forward in your sales funnel.


  • Closing Deals — your AM will support you in the process of closing deals and he will increase the odds of that happening.


*Note that you can choose one of the two options: “Qualifying Leads” or “Closing Deals”. You can also choose both of them, depending on your specific goals and needs.

Is it for me?

We lend our outbound sales development expertise to many types of companies!



  • Do you use your network of contacts and companies, or is it through a cold approach?

    Out2Bound is a sales development agency that starts conversations and builds relationships on behalf and specifically for the companies we work with and uses a cold approach for achieving this. We don’t reuse databases and contact lists and tailor every campaign to the needs of the tech companies we service.

  • How do you ensure non-compete between your clients if they operate in the same industry?

    We do tech sales by outreaching potential clients on behalf of the tech companies we work with, with their domain and sometimes impersonating key people from their organization with the goal to get prospective clients interested. We offer near-real-time access to reports and clients know what has happened and can track all replies, both negative and positive.

    All conversations are started as if we are a team member of our clients’ companies so leads express interest in the specific company and their solution.

  • What industries do you operate in?

    Out2Bound only works with b2b technology companies (providing software services or software products). For them we have targeted 30+ industries and have started conversations with startups, SMEs and enterprise clients. Industries vary from manufacturing, banking & finance, insurance, retail, IT services and software products, eCommerce, distributors, healthcare, pharma, NGOs, public sector (government agencies and municipalities), publishing, MSPs, etc.

  • What results can I expect? How many contacts do you reach out to and why this number?

    We combine both quantity and quality to generate conversations and interest from highly-targeted personas. On average we see between 4% and 6% interest rates (account-to-lead rate) from the target companies. We reach out to between 200 and 300 prospects from 100 to 150 accounts.

    Although for some of our clients we deliver outstanding results, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Results vary and depend on the maturity of the market, product/service-market-fit, how well the problem is defined and whether key selling points have already been tested with past clients.

  • How do we keep track of what is happening? | How do you report to us?

    Out2Bound shares access to the lists of contacts we target and update information in almost real-time. We can also gain access to our clients’ CRM systems and update the information there if requested.
    Besides this, we provide short weekly meetings and detailed monthly campaign meetings to evaluate results, discuss findings and calibrate the new sales campaigns.

  • What is the level of the team’s English, is it proficient or native?

    Our team consists of proficient English-speaking BDRs (business development representatives). First impressions matter and we make sure all BDRs have proficient reading and writing skills before the interview, which is also evaluated on a regular basis.

  • What's the industry/region you're most comfortable selling to?

    We have experience and can target industries all around the world, but most often tech and IT companies use our services to win clients from North America and Europe. Regarding industries – we don’t have preferences and feel comfortable selling to most.

  • What do we need to prepare for working with you?

    We need you to provide all the sales and marketing collateral that you currently have, so our team can get introduced to your solutions. Besides that, we provide a questionnaire we expect you to fill prior to starting a project together and to have a kickoff meeting with us, where we draw the game plan.

  • Do you use databases for sourcing contacts?

    We don’t use databases, every list of prospects we service is prepared specifically for the companies we currently work with. To build these lists we use LinkedIn, official company websites, industry directories, industry reports, conferences and events.

    All prospective clients we reach out to are pre-qualified based on the criteria we have set together.

  • How do you define leads? | What kind of leads do you provide/deliver?

    Before reaching out to prospective clients we send the list for approval to our clients. A lead is a decision-maker from a company that has been already approved and has indicated an interest in having a conference call, product demo or physical meeting to discuss how our client’s solution can help their organization.

  • Do you have an expected minimal commitment period?

    Yes, we have a minimum commitment period of 4 months. The reason behind this is the need to do iterations (A/B testing) to see what works best for our clients. Usually, during the 3rd and 4th months we deliver the best results and after that evaluate should we continue the project and do we need to scale the team.

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