State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2021 Report is out now.

The State of IT Sales in Bulgaria 2021 report explores the Tech sector’s evaluation of the year, the sales function in depth and the outlook for 2022 of 90 founders, CEOs and C-level Executives from Bulgarian IT businesses.


2021 started with a bang – everyone was so eager to continue doing business (or start anew) that, from the very first working day, everything seemed like going in only upward direction.

Working with around 40 tech companies from Bulgaria and Europe we saw that sales is the driving force – tech firms looking to expand, to generate new business and put an extra effort to compensate for what was lost in 2020.

The momentum was huge – big fundings happening in the startup ecosystem; mergers and acquisitions; more growth for the rest of the players in the IT and ITS industries.

SITS Bulgaria 2021 edition is here and I want to thank our partners – Endeavor and BESCO. Enjoy the read!

Teofil Shikov, CEO and Founder, Out2Bound

    Download the State of IT Sales Report for 2021

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    Download the Report and find out:

      • How has revenue changed in 2021?
      • Foreign vs Domestic – what are the main markets the industry sells to?
      • Did companies achieve their sales plans?
      • The sales role in numbers
      • What sales channels were used?
      • Is sales automation being used?
      • What do our respondents think of the coming period?

    Stay tuned to learn what our partners, respondents and members of the industry think of the findings in the 2021 report in the form of our short Tech Sales Talks.

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