B2B Sales Consulting

Sales Acceleration Program

Our B2B sales consulting strategy is different but effective. We work side by side with early-stage B2B founders and established businesses to identify their ideal customers, build their go-to-market strategy, avoid common pitfalls in sales and prove their product-market-fit in 3-6 weeks instead of 3-6 months.

Our customers see an average of 3X increase in meetings booked and 50% increase in proposals and deals closed ranging from € 20 000 to € 200 000 yearly value.


The right sales strategy?

After interviewing more than 1000 B2B Tech founders we came to the conclusion that there’s no “one size fits all” b2b sales consulting strategy to achieve your sales goals. Whether you’re a software development company with 10+ years of experience, a SaaS startup, or a product company – your sales needs to vary based on multiple criteria.


    The founders of the company are the first salespeople it has. They need to position their business and sign the first 5-10 customers in order to effectively establish the company before they can hire dedicated salespeople. With our Sales Acceleration program we help founders set up their initial go-to-market strategy, identify their ideal customers and effectively generate new business opportunities.


    Mature companies have the funding, experimented with various sales models and they need an extra hand to increase the output of their sales process. We’ve worked with a variety of tech businesses around the globe and are able to share insights and best practices on how to increase conversions.

  • Expand to new industries and geographies

    You’ve successfully established your business on the local market and now you’re looking to expand on other locations or verticals. In order to do that you need to validate new markets quickly, avoid common sales mistakes and implement modern sales technologies.

How it works?



First, we meet to learn about your current situation and pain points.

Perform an analysis of where you are and where you want to be.

  • Do you have a clear understanding of your Ideal customers’ pain points?
  • Who are your competitors and how are you differentiating yourself?
  • How big is your market in terms of quality and quantity?
  • How do you currently do sales and what are you missing in terms of knowledge, processes and technology stack?


Based on the information gathered from our initial meeting of our b2b sales consulting process we tailor a Sales Acceleration Program to help you identify, attract and close new customers to expand without breaking your budget.

  • Identify – In this section we co-create with our customers their Ideal Customer Profile and Value Hypothesis. Perform qualitative and quantitative market research and competitor analysis.
  • Attract – In this section we work together to implement effective prospecting strategies for email, linkedin and phone channels with software solutions to generate demand at scale.
  • Close – At this stage we help our customers distinguish prospective buyers from window shoppers, provide them with a tailored qualification method, build objections handling book and share best practices on preparing and offering proposals that generate higher closing rates.


  • “Very fast after the process got introduced we saw some results. Much of our hesitation in contacting potential clients was relieved and we got some good figures that let us point by point improve the process and make it more effective. Meanwhile we have regular meetings with potential new clients as well as regular meetings to discuss and further improve the process itself and/or to coordinate and start a campaign ourselves.”  Ernst Zwingli
    Zwerit GmbH

  • “We managed to reach 50% efficiency, meaning every two calls led to one meeting with a bank.” Krasi Yuriev

  • “Out2Bound helped us to build our sales process organised around the needs of our company. They enabled us with the proper set of practices to allow us to grow our sales pipeline. This resulted in 2 new contracts and more are coming” Viktor Elevterov
    Cosmos Thrace Ltd

  • "We’ve seen more demand for our services since we started working with Out2Bound. We’re thrilled with their efforts and proactive approach."



  • Do you work with Tech companies specifically?

    While our managed sales team service is 100% focused on servicing IT companies our Sales Accelerator is not limited to such. We’ve successfully helped market research agencies, biotechs, professional service businesses and other industries as well.

  • Why are you better than traditional consultants?

    Often when building your sales engine it can take you 3+ months before you actually get to speak with your customers. At Out2Bound we pride ourselves in successfully helping businesses engage and open new opportunities with prospective buyers in as little as 3 weeks.

  • How much time|commitment would a consultancy project require from us? Do we need to provide something before the start?

    Depending on the amount of days we allocate to the project it can be anywhere from 5 – 10 hours per week for each participant.

  • What is the method of delivery of your consulting service?

    We perform online workshops that include recordings that are later available on our platform as well as pdfs, xls and doc files that are localized for your specific business case.

  • What areas does the sales consulting service cover?
    • How to build your go-to-market strategy with tools to execute research and build prospect lists automatically
    • How to execute your go-to-market strategy using email, LinkedIn and phone to generate demand for your business + tools to automate and streamline the process
    • Share best practices on how to qualify opportunities and close deals predictably
  • Can you train and manage our team?

    Yes. We’ve successfully built internal sales capacity for our customers and continue to manage some of those teams to ensure predictable execution.

  • What kind of results can we expect?

    Upon completion of our Sales Accelerator, you will know how to execute your own sales processes, generate predictable results and scale your business. Some of our customers have 3X their revenue in less than 3 months, others have entered new markets and grown in new verticals.

  • Does Out2Bound need some kind of industry-specific onboarding from us before we start?

    Before we start we perform a detailed customer interview to learn more about your specific needs and market. Even though sales practices, in general, can be straightforward it has its industry-specifics so if needed we take a week or two of deep research before we execute our sales project.

  • What should we do first - build internal sales capacity or outsource sales?

    There’s no right or wrong answer here. It depends on multiple factors. As a general rule, we advise founders to build their internal sales capacity first so that they can bring the first 5-10 B2B customers and then consider hiring an outsourced team to scale faster.

  • Let’s schedule a call and discuss your specific needs.

    Set up your B2B Sales process in 3-6 weeks instead of 3-6 months.


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