How it all began



I spent some time in India, working for Tata Consultancy Services (one of the Big Four IT companies in the world). That ignited my passion for the tech industry and coming back to Bulgaria in 2014, I decided to pursue it.

My first job, after my time abroad, was at a tech company as a sales representative. I was searching for clients nationwide and abroad. To my surprise, some of those same clients tried to headhunt me. Me, a sales representative? I’d heard of headhunting developers before but never sales reps!

That’s when I realized there was a need for professional and highly-skilled sales representatives in the industry, and very few people who fit the bill. So I decided to do something about it!

I gathered a small group of friends, whom I could trust and who, I knew, shared the same passion for technology and sales as me. And in early 2016, we started Out2Bound – a sales-as-a-service agency, which helps IT companies find new clients all over the world!

What do we believe in?

We believe that every tech company which offers a product or a service can find its niche market. The clients looking for your solutions are out there, and we’ll help you find them!


Founder of Out2Bound

Our core values

Transparency is the key to building long-lasting and trust-worthy partnerships. That’s why we practise it not only internally, but also with our clients and partners, regarding each step of our mutual work.
This is our most favorite value! We are result-oriented problem solvers, and we work hard and smart until we get the job done!
Love for Sales
Love for Sales
Love for Sales
We believe the ability to sell should be a fundamental human skill. Luckily, we happen to love sales and use them every day to help tech companies grow.
We Get Our Hands Dirty
We Get Our Hands Dirty
We Get Our Hands Dirty
We know success sometimes deviates off the beaten track. That’s why we never shy away from doing the heavy lifting!
Global Mindset
Global Mindset
Global Mindset
Because of our vast international experience, we live and breathe this value. That’s why we created a globally diverse team, able to meet the needs of our clients worldwide!

Meet the Out2Bound Team!

We are young, like-minded and driven people with international experience, diverse business background, and a true passion for sales and technology!

Our team shares the same values and our main goal is to help tech companies increase their bottom line through sales. That’s why we have constant focus on developing:

 the skill sets we need to help you grow;

 amazing team culture;

 strong work ethics!

A great team delivers great results. That’s why we carefully pick our team members and we make sure each one of them shares our vision! Because our aim is simple: achieve our mission and create positive impact, all the while enjoying every step of the way!



  • Theo S. Shikov
    Theo S. Shikov CEO and founder
    BORIS GEORGIEV Head of Sales Innovation & Partner
  • Dimitar Mitkov
    Dimitar Mitkov Head of Operations & Partner
    ZDRAVKO ZDRAVKOV Head of Business Development & Partner

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